Call Nichols

Oysterman, maitre ecallier, entrepreneur, explorer

Growing up on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, the wilderness of Northern California has been home since the beginning. A life of fishing, camping, hiking, surfing, and swimming informed a strong bond to nature and an appreciation for all that it provides. 

An interest in cooking and food were not far behind, which led to a career in oysters. First with Fishers Island Oyster Farm on Fishers Island, NY and most recently with Hog Island Oyster Company of Marshall, CA.

Having held a variety of positions in the oyster business on both coasts I've developed a unique perspective that drives everything I do. From shucking oysters in San Francisco's historic Ferry Building to trudging through the oyster beds of Washington's Hood Canal at night, the motivation remains the same.

My greatest passion is exploring the potential of aquaculture and figuring out how to get more people aware of and connected to this valuable industry. I now have an international network of growers and seafood professionals who share his vision of promoting knowledge and understanding of this vital food source.

Hustleshuck is a way to formalize and forward this work. It began as a mobile raw bar on Fishers Island and is a dynamic product of my knowledge, experience, and vision to make the world a better place.