We believe in using food to develop a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment.

I believe that cuisine is the most important link between nature and culture.
— Alex Atala- Chef, D.O.M. São Paulo, Brazil


Our relationship with the ocean has been defined by misunderstanding and ignorance. This stems in part from our dysfunctional relationship with seafood, which is determined by an industry fraught with misinformation and a lack of transparency regarding where our food comes from, how it is produced, and how it gets to our mouths. From responsible sourcing to informed preparation of shellfish, we educate retailers, chefs, and consumers alike in an effort to create a healthier, more conscious public.

In addition to being an efficient source of valuable nutrition, shellfish are crucial ecosystem benefactors capable of filtering staggering amounts of water and creating vital habitat for other creatures. Without the wild populations of old, farmed shellfish play a vital role in coastal and estuarine environments, which are foundational for marine and terrestrial ecosystem health. In a global context of depleted fish stocks and rampant environmental destruction farmed shellfish provides a necessary alternative to other more traditional protein sources. Farmed shellfish offers a viable source of protein while contributing positively to the environment, a unique and timely proposition.