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Hustleshuck is a mission-driven mobile raw bar offering complete oyster shucking and catering services. 

Photos by Ryland hormel

Hustleshuck is a full-service oyster and raw bar catering outfit that began out of love of the ocean and concern for the state of our food system. 

Call Nichols started Hustleshuck while immersed in the business of producing and selling some of the finest shellfish in the world during his time working with Fishers Island Oyster Farm. He has gained a deep appreciation for farmed shellfish, and shares his knowledge and passion through Hustleshuck.

In addition to events of all sizes, we also do pop-ups, "Oyster Nights", "Office Oyster Hours", and  educational sessions for restaurants and other organizations.

Please see the EVENTS page for more information about our services or to submit a request.





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Regenerative Seafood

Regenerative Seafood describes food that is produced in a way that contributes positively to the environment. Taking the idea of sustainability to the next level, regenerative seafood creates a mutually beneficial relationship between humans and the environment.

This class of aquaculture products, which includes oysters, mussels, clams, and seaweeds, The production methods are driven by natural processes and don't require the use of feed, fertilizers, or antibiotics. Additionally, they are ecosystem benefactors that contribute vital services the environment including water filtration, nitrogen sequestration, and habitat creation.

Hustleshuck promotes the consumption and production of regenerative seafood in the hopes of redefining our relationship with the ocean, creating a vibrant coastal food system, and promoting public health.

More information about this movement coming soon to

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